SpecialFinanceLeads.net is the internet’s best source for subprime auto finance lead generation.

Financial statistics show over 60% of automotive buyers fall into the less than perfect credit category nationwide. Whether it is called Special Finance, Secondary Finance, Subprime Finance, 2nd Chance Finance, it all boils down to the same thing - Imperfect Credit!

Our current economy is influencing the percentage of consumers looking for help in locating good Special Finance auto loans. Today's internet savvy subprime finance consumers are using the web in record numbers as a tool to increase their chances of finding a fair deal.

Dealerships who offer Subprime financing are capturing those online consumers needing secondary finance, and benefiting from the profit margins realized from this growing market. Why not direct this segment of the market to your dealership. Begin today, once signed on to our lead program network you could be receiving leads within 5 minutes.

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We Customize Your Lead Generation To Match Your Dealership Requirements

We service ONLY motivated automobile loan consumers interested in purchasing or refinancing an automobile. Our unique dealership online technology allows you to only pay for original, legitimate, qualified subprime automobile leads that have the potential to be serviced by your dealership, eliminating the wasted cost of "take the good with the bad" subprime leads produced by most online lead generation services today.

Lead Generation Marketing Services

Franchised and Independent automobile dealerships spend thousands of dollars each month to get consumers into their showrooms, with no guarantee anyone will come in. Our marketing efforts target real car shoppers that are actively looking for automobile financing, generating unique automobile loan leads from consumers actually ready to purchase a car. These customers have made the decision to purchase and are requesting our assistance.

SpecialFinanceAutoLeads.com provides top quality subprime automobile leads directly to our Preferred Network Dealerships via online technology developed to give you easy access to your secured original leads. With the click of a button you have completed, printable applications at your fingertips.

The Most Flexible Lead Generation Program Online

SpecialFinanceLeads.net is a proven leader in the online automotive special finance industry. With over 13 years experience in providing Franchised Dealers, Independent Car Dealerships and Buy-Here-Pay-Here Auto Dealerships throughout the United States a cost effective way to receive special finance leads from our free online customer applications. We use the latest technology to market our many special finance auto loans and sub prime finance car loans websites through every major internet search engine, bringing your car dealership the online customer you would not see in your dealership without our targeted special finance marketing. Other forms of dealer advertising such as direct mail, newspaper ads, TV, or radio limits your ability to target the special finance customer, and costs thousands of dollars a month with no guaranteed results. Special Finance Lead generation brings to you consumers ready to purchase a car. Our customers have completed a free auto loan application seeking help in locating sub prime auto financing and a car dealership that will work with them. Give your dealership the opportunity to gain access to these customers by becoming a Preferred Dealership Partner.

Why SpecialFinanceLeads.net?

Here are just a few of the services we offer our dealerships. Contact us today to learn more about how we can drive more traffic to your showroom.

special finance leads dynamic marketing approach
offer exclusive territories to dealerships who don't care for competition
powerful lead management system
quality leads verified by a live customer service representative

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